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For years our customers have advised us to allow people to contact us through the Internet. Our spell work generally takes up so much of our time that we waited...until a few weeks ago when we were able to help a nice lady living in Alaska. She had no way to contact anyone in our profession let alone someone with over 40 years of combined experience. A friend put us in touch with her and it seemed the modern age of communication was knocking on our door. It felt so good to be able to help someone so far away that we would never have connected with otherwise...and so here we are.


Background on my sister, Linda and myself...

My sister, Linda and I have been practitioners for over two decades. Our specialty is rare and forgotten rituals for creating real change for our friends in need. We are the best at what we do. As second generation witches, we were initiated by our very loving witch parents as children. There is not much we do not know about the spirit world and how it can be used to help YOU achieve your goals.


The spells my sister and I perform require considerable time to complete. Every spell gets the same attention no matter who it is for. The ancient rituals and rare ingredients we use are not easy for the average witch to afford or even find. We have studied and practiced the forbidden arts for decades to master the power of subtle and chaotic energies in the universe. You deserve the best, and together my sister and I are the best.


We have the experience to get the results you desire. We've cast literally thousands of successful spells between us. Think of how many you have cast for yourself (if any) and been successful with. We can help you as we have helped so many others who thought no one could.


A trememdous amount of energy goes into preparing and carrying out your spell. We take each and every one seriously. All we ask from you is that you be serious and believe in the results you can experience. Despite what you or anyone else might think, you DO deserve happiness. We want to help you get there. Please take the time now to be SURE you want REAL changes in your life before ordering. Sorcery and necromancy should only be ethically employed if you KNOW that you are certain this is what you want.


We do not reverse the spells we cast--for any price! Only charlatans will accept a second payment to reverse a spell they have cast for you. We are the real thing. Whether is it love, beauty, protection or confidence goals that you need, please be really sure you want what you ask for. We cannot accept money for reversals. Once a spell is set in motion you must be prepared to deal with success. Again, please know that when you order you've been warned to be careful what you wish for.


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Your ritual will be performed on one of the three days of the full, black or half moons depending on your need. You may begin to feel the change immediately, but know that each person and each life system surrounding you is unique and may require longer to experience the full benefits. From the time your ritual is complete to the time you receive results (depending on your goals) could take as long as two moons (two cycles of the moon--or about 55-65 days) from the time the spell is cast.


Once you have ordered your spell, we will ask you for minor information about you including your birth date and some of your likes and dislikes that have relevance to the ritual process. We will send you a short list of questions after you have completed your payment. This information will be brief and easy to answer, however it is vital to success. Each person is different, and your ritual MUST be tailored to you in order for us to align the proper energies. If we take your case, you will be expected to participate according to simple instructions we will provide. Instructions are not difficult and require no costly or hard to find items (you may already have them in your home), but again participation is required so please consider this before ordering. Clients rarely have any problem completing the simple positioning instructions, but we want you to know in advance so you can decide if you wish to proceed with us.


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Your privacy is very important to us. We will NEVER sell, share, rent or lend your information to other companies who want to profit from you. We will never contact you except in connection to your ritual order or to answer questions you might have. We ship nothing to your physical address. We do not call clients on the phone, and your payment will appear DISCRETELY on your credit card statement or PayPal transactions under Enchanted Oak. Enchanted Oak is one of the oldest spellcasting sites on the web. Their experience in navigating the sensitive details of their own clients and observing the unique privacy requirements for spellwork has made them a great billing/management choice for us at Sister Witch. Their name is discrete in your records which is good for you. They handle the business red tape for us so we can focus on more important work: customizing and completing and your spell or ritual. If you have ANY questions about privacy, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be glad to help you.



Custom True Love - True Love Spells are far more complicated than sex spells. To really make a person LOVE you with a love spell, you need to be committed to a lifetime of connection. The bond for a real love spell is permanent no matter what happens between you. Of course there are two types of love spells that we can do for you. A Specific Love Spell and Non-Specific Love Spell. If you have a certain person in mind, there are ancient methods of making him or her need you more than they ever thought possible. You can also opt for an age-old ritual to make your ideal partner (who you may not even know yet) find you and give you the kind of passion you've been waiting for your whole life!

~ One Time Fee: $49.97



Beauty Invocations - Whether your goal is to deemphasize the appearance of a perceived flaw in your appearance or to enhance and bring out the beauty of existing features, the illusory magick of a glamoury spell can help to harness the awesome power of the spirits and to invoke the beauty energy around you wherever you go. What this ritual working is intended to do is harness your unique birth date information along with the energy of your national-ethnic heritage (i.e. the place you were born and your ancestry) and charge them within you to cast a glamoury of beauty energy around you wherever you go. While it is our view that true beauty comes from within, we also believe that glamoury magick (the aura of mysterious or elusive fascination or around a person or situation) can greatly enhance your confidence levels and make everyday interactions with others that much easier. Stop waiting for your confidence to change and take action to change it today! Quite simply, Beauty is power. Be sure to check above if you are looking for a love spell. Though not directly connected to any love spells we might cast for you this unique beauty process can give yourself the confidence you have been seeking by taking control of your inner power now!

~ One Time Fee: $49.97



Divine Witches Shield - With this amazing ritual handed down to us from our parents, you can create an impervious multiple-layer of positive energy around yourself that renders you beyond the reach of black magick and evil spirits for the rest of your days. Why pay casters over and over again to remove hexes and provide protection from supernatural elements when you can create a powerful shield of energy that prevents harmful forces from ever touching you in the first place!

~ One Time Fee: $49.97



Self-Confidence - Invoke the spirits of confidence and courage with this ancient process and watch your negative feelings melt away. Gain the power to interact with others in the manner you were meant to. Reclaim the power you had as a child before the pressures of adolescence crept in with their unecessary doubts and fears. The power is inside you. Take it and create the destiny for yourself that you've always dreamed of. NOTE: Though this process can work well with a love spell, it is not directly connected to any loves spells we might cast for you, however it can give you confidence to reach out to that special someone. If what you are looking for is a love spell, be sure to check above for that listing!

~ One Time Fee: $49.97



Click here to Contact Us today with your unique needs! We've helped so many others achieve their goals. Don't wait another minute!


Prior to sending an email, please:


Read the Frequently Asked Questions section. Questions that appear in the FAQ section will not be responded to.


PLEASE KEEP ALL MESSAGES BRIEF! We are only online for limited times each day so please be considerate.


Do NOT send photos, images or attachments at all. We do not require them to cast and our email is not set up to receive them.


We do not perform psychic readings for clients. We only divine to customize rituals. Please contact a qualified psychic if you are in need of divination services.


Send ONE message only unless you have something new to ask or add to your inquiry! Sending multiple messages in a 48-hour period slows down our ability to respond as we have to discuss all messages before reply.


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Legal Disclaimer: The law requires that any and all esoteric and paranormal items, such as amulets, spells and psychic readings be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age to order. Please refrain from ordering if you have a fear of supernatural activity and be sure that success is what you really want before ordering. You agree that we cannot be held responsible for any activity that does or does not take place as a result of this spell as no ritual working can ever be guaranteed to be successful beforehand. Any spiritual or esoteric product or service should not be considered a substitute for medical, psychological or legal advice. We thank you for taking the time to read this.


May blessings find you!


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